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Eric and Ashley

We Met In July 2008
We met in July 2008
Got engaged in April of 2012
Got engaged in April of 2012
And Married May of 2013
And married May of 2013

We were raised in Oklahoma and attended different colleges there. Both always having a bit of the travel bug we have already had a few adventures together such as Costa Rica, a trip to Paris, London & Amsterdam, as well as Greece and then our move from Tulsa, OK to Denver, CO in 2013. We are now on our biggest adventure yet, packing up our stuff, quitting our jobs and going on a trip around the world. We are aiming for 13 months, beginning August 26th 2015 we are heading off to Tokyo and hopefully not running out of money before we make it to Munich for Oktoberfest in 2016.

Our blog is really to keep our slightly concerned parents, family and friends up to date with where we are and how our trip is going, however we hope anyone who is interested will follow our adventure. We aren’t a niche blog we are just posting stories about our adventures and what we experience along the way in our travels now and hopefully past and future trips to come.

Ashley before Eric

Ashley JengaAshley is the big Three Zero, yep at 30 years old we are a bit older than some starting on an adventure like this but we knew it was now or never. I like to think that I am up for (almost) anything, I like to try everything and am an expert at… well nothing actually. I am organized chaos and don’t really have any hobbies except for being with my friends and loved ones and traveling. I love lists and organization but also am known for my “piles” around the house (hey, those piles are neatly stacked. It looks clean to me!). Sometimes I am super over prepared and other times I just hope I have what I need and try my best to make it work. I love trying new food but wouldn’t consider myself a foodie and have a unreasonable fear of what is in the water. Yes, that’s right folks i’m scared of Nemo, so wish poor Eric & I luck while we go to all these amazing places known for their diving. The last things I will tell you about me is that I am truly a terrible story teller, lets hope I am a better writer for your sake.

Eric Before Ashley

Eric QuadEric…

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