Trip Planning

Tracking our Trip with GPS

If you’re a bit of a nerd like me, you might enjoy seeing the data from our trip.  I’m using a Qstarz Q1000XT GPS logger to keep track of where we’ve been.  The GPS logger lasts for at least 1 full day and captures a data point on your location …

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Mens RTW Trip Packing List

Eric’s Packing List I packed the following clothes for our RTW trip / Misc Items that all fit in my large bag: 7 Shirts 2 Shorts 7 Underwear 1 Jeans 3 Under Shirts 1 Workout Shorts 1 Workout Shirt 4 pair of low cut socks 2 pair of dress/long songs …

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Our first stop is Tokyo, Japan

Eric and I are starting our adventure in Tokyo Japan! We are leaving from Dallas on August 26th 2015! We found a fantastic deal on our flights (Big thank you to Eric’s sister Mandi for finding them!) and got tickets for $640/person which is normally around $1100 – 1200. We …

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