A couple more days in Blue Lagoon

We were already in love with Blue Lagoon after our first couple nights.  The atmosphere was extremely relaxed and the people were so nice that we instantly felt at home.  That said, we had an action packed couple days to go with various activities and things to do.  The nice part about Blue Lagoon is that you could easily relax at the resort all day or elect to do activities if you wanted something to do so there was a little something for everyone.

Snorkeling every day!

After picking up our snorkeling gear in Hong Kong it was quickly paying off.  Each day at Blue Lagoon started off with breakfast and then we headed down to the beach.  I would usually go down and hit the water immediately and snorkel all day and Ashley joined me here and there as well.   Over the course of our trip we got a lot of photos and videos and really enjoyed the snorkeling at Blue Lagoon.

snorkle 2 (Large) Snorkle 1 (Large)






Diving with Sharks

I had been snorkeling about 764 times in the first two days at the resort but I was eager to get some dives in.  I signed up for the shark dive even though this was my first dive in about 2 years.  They had a dive shop at the resort so it was very easy to sign up for a dive and head straight out to the dive area.    Over then next couple days I ended up going on 4 different dives around the Blue Lagoon area.  I ended up doing the shark dive two times because the first time I was more focused on making sure I could remember how the equipment worked.   I attempted to get Ashley on board for a dive but she wasn’t ready to give it a shot yet.

On the second shark dive I really relaxed and got a few good shots of the sharks.  There were a decent amount of reef sharks around and it was a really fun experience to see the sharks up close.  They would get within 6 to 8 feet here and there but for some reason did not seem very threatening.  They would come up and kind of check out the divers but didn’t really have much interest in us.

Shark 1 (Large) Shark 2 (Large) shark 3 (Large) divers (Large) shark 5 (Large) lots of sharks (Large) safe (Large) diving (Large)tunnel (Large) diving under (Large)fishy (Large)jelly (Large)
Going on a cave tour!

One of the only off site excursions (other than scuba) that you could do was a cave tour.  Ashley and I quickly signed up for  this one and we were excited to check it out.  The tour requires you to jump on a boat and head about 45 minutes away to where the cave is located.   Once you get off you make your way across the rocks and down some steps into the cave system.  Once you hit the bottom of the steps it opens up into a little lagoon area that’s surrounded on all sides by the walls of the cave.  We each made our way into the lagoon area one by one and held onto the walls (Eric) or tread water (Ashley) while we waited for everyone to get in.

Once we were all there our tour guides were ready to guide us into the cave.  To make it into the cave you have to dive under water and then swim ahead about 5 to 8 feet through a crack and then once you’re through you’re into the under water cave system.   There is a guide on each side to make sure you make it through the crack and into the cave portion.  The guy inside the cave was waving his flashlight to indicate where to swim to.   Once inside you quickly realize it’s complete darkness and you can’t see a thing around you other than a bit of light from the crack.   It’s a very eerie feeling being a room of complete darkness in the water with a group of people all around you.  Your ears definitely perk up and you hear everything.

As we navigated our way through the cove system by following our guides flash lights we swam maybe 25 yards to the other end of the cave.  Once you get there you find and opening up to the sky through a very small hole that looks like it goes at least 25+ feet up in the air to reach the surface.   At this point the guides instruct you to yell out the loudest “BULA!!!” you can.   In unison our group belts out the familiar Bula and we can hear it echo all through the cave system.  It was a really neat experience but also a bit scary at the same time because you can hardly see anything.

Once we made our back outside and into the cave system our guides put on a bit of a dive show.  They would climb up onto the rocks and jump in.   One guy in particular would climb up about 20 feet and then run slightly side ways on a wall before jumping in.  Apparently this little lagoon we were hanging in is where they filmed a scene for the movie Blue Lagoon from the 80’s.  Never saw it, no idea what that means.  We really enjoyed this excursion a lot!





Our final night festivities

One our final nights in Blue Lagoon there were a number of things going on.   It kicked off with a singing demonstration by the staff.   Singing and dancing is a big part of Fiji culture and they are all really good at it!  All the guests gathered around the pool as we listed to them sing and dance.  This eventually led to a number of people being pulled into dance with them which was pretty entertaining.

DSC08968 (Large)DSC08996 (Large)DSC08982 (Large)

After the singing and dancing we were getting pretty close to dinner time and the sun was setting.  Everyone made their way down to the beach which was just a few steps from the pool area.  We were able to capture an incredible sunset that night right out of a post card.

DSC09020 (Large)DSC09014 (Large)

To top the night off it was time for crab racing.  For $3 you can pay to enter a hermit crab into the race.  Winner takes all. The staff did a great job of getting everyone interested but it didn’t take much convincing for me.  I quickly signed up and selected my winner from the group of hermit crabs available.  They used white out on the shells to number each crab so you knew who to cheer for.  I was assigned 22 who I prompted renamed to T-Swift.   A large group of 25 to 30 people gathered around as the staff created a large 15 foot circle.  All the crabs were placed inside the circle.  If your crab is one of the top 10 you make it to round 2.

They dumped the crabs in the middle and everyone is huddled around, drinks in hand, cheering on their crab.   Ol T-Swift made a bee line for the outer ring and I secured my spot in the top 10.   I knew I was destined for a win as the round to make the top 3 began.  Unfortunately T-Swift had other ideas and decided to sit in the middle and not move in the second round.  I lost all hope as the 3rd crab made its way across and I was eliminated.   $3 lost but definitely worth the entertainment!

IMG_0391 (Large)IMG_0393 (Large)IMG_0395 (Large)

After the crab race was over it was time for the final event of the night.  The staff had put together a bon fire on the beach.  I love a good fire.  Everyone made their way down to the beach to watch the show.  In addition to the bonfire they also had some baton fire thing a ma jigs the staff were using as well.  The fun part was that they let the intoxicated guests step up to the plate and give it a shot which was very entertaining to watch.  We took a pass on that one but definitely enjoyed the show.

DSC09074 (Large)DSC09070 (Large)DSC09064 (Large)DSC09077 (Large)DSC09083 (Large)

All good things must come to an end…

After our amazing final night it was finally time to leave the Blue Lagoon resort.  Ashley and I loved it there and we were so happy we had an opportunity to check it out.  Through our entire stay in Fiji the Blue Lagoon was easily the highlight of our experience.  We met some amazing friends, did a cool cave tour, and had some amazing snorkeling and diving experiences.

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