A few days in Tokyo Japan

We spent a few days in Tokyo Japan walking around and taking in the sights.  We were fortunate that our hostel was in a good location so we were able to see a lot nearby.    Even though Tokyo is the world’s largest city by population, we were surprised how it didn’t feel more crowded.  The subway system is very efficient and low cost which made getting around Tokyo a breeze.   Here are a few of the things we saw during a few days in Tokyo Japan.

The Tokyo Sky Tree

The Tokyo Sky Tree is the world’s second largest structure in the world.  The tickets cost about $18/person which wasn’t bad.   The elevators to the top were surprisingly fast and we hit the top quickly.   Once you’re at the top the views of the city are amazing.   The pictures below don’t do it justice and we were there on a pretty bad weather day.

Shinjuku and The Robot Restaurant

One of our favorite nights in Tokyo Japan was going to the Shinjuku district.  The area is a hub for entertainment and it did not disappoint.  We only had about 45 minutes before the show to find a place to eat so we hit the first place we found.   The food was cheap and pretty normal so we walked away happy.   We headed to the Robot Restaurant and grabbed our tickets.  We were some of the last to arrive and we were placed on the 3rd row out of 3 rows.  There’s no a bad seat in the house though!

I’m not sure what the plot was for the show.  Basically just big robots and lots of flashing lights but everyone there was entertained.  I heard multiple comment after the show, “I have no idea what I just watched but I liked it”.

Visiting a religious site

If you’ve ever been to Europe and visited 74 cathedrals on your trip, they all start to blur together.  What’s the significance of each?  I always lose track.  There are a lots of temples all around Tokyo Japan.  I’m sure they are all important but they start to blur together as well.  This is one of the larger temples we went to that was walking distance from our hostel.   There was a temple, a koi pond, and lots of people, it was a special experience.



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