Another trip to Kobe and a new Airbnb

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Kobe Japan: Round 2

Since we enjoyed Kobe Japan so much the first time we decided to go back again.  Since it’s a short trip to get there we decided to hit the rope way that the Australian at Kuma Cafe had suggested.

The rope way was worth and we got some excellent views of the city.  It turned out to be a perfect day.  We had been battling rain almost every day so we were happy to finally have some good weather.   Once we hit the top we decided to walk down.  On the way down there is a waterfall you can walk by which was a nice addition to the trip.

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Once we made the trek down we walked into town.  There’s a small area in Kobe that’s considered China town that we decided to check out for dinner.  They had some cheaper options for dinner which we needed after our Kobe Steak night!

We ended up picking up some cheap street food which was pretty good!

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Our new Airbnb

We moved into our 3rd Airbnb the next day.   In total, we stayed in 5 Airbnb’s during our stay in Osaka!   The new place was pretty good but a little more cramped than some of the other places we stayed.  There wasn’t too much room to spread out.  In addition, it turned out to be one of the more expensive Airbnb‘s in Osaka.

The new neighborhood we were in was different than the rest but still in the Dotonbori area.   We decided to go out and explore the neighborhood a bit and stumbled across an area that had a lot of shops and restaurants.   We found a place for dinner and called it a day!


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