Blue Lagoon Beach Resort – Literally Paradise

When we arrived at Blue Lagoon Beach Resort our first day we knew we were in for a treat.    I’ll spoil it now and tell you that Blue Lagoon was our absolute favorite in all of Fiji.    If you ever go to Fiji put this one on your list and don’t miss it.  We talked to a lot of other travelers and anyone who stayed here said it was their favorite as well.

No more big cities

Our first couple days at Blue Lagoon were awesome.  We were both exhausted from travel and worn out from being in huge cities.  All of that was behind us now and we were both quickly adjusting to a new routine of waking up with nothing to do.   We elected to stay in the dorms at the Blue Lagoon and that was one of the things that made it a great experience.   We were able to afford staying at a resort that should have been well beyond our budget.   On top of that, we met some awesome people staying in the dorms over the next few days.    Our first morning we woke up a bit early due to jet lag.  Ashley and I wanted to hop down to the beach for some pictures of the sunrise.    This was our first time staying in the dorm and we were up super early so we made sure to be very quiet as we slipped out of the room.   We made it down to the beach for a couple quick photos but it was already a bit too light.

DSC09090 (Large)DSC09088 (Large)

We made our way over to the breakfast buffet.   At each of the resorts we stayed at the food is a required purchase on top of the stay.  You play a flat rate (around $50/person/day) for all the food.   These resorts are truly isolated so there is no other place to go even if you wanted to.  Fortunately the food at Blue Lagoon was excellent for it’s remote location.   We had a nice leisurely breakfast and then decided to make our way back to the dorm and see if people were awake so we could get situated for the day.    Upon returning we were surprised to find that every single person in our dorm was awake already which is unusual for dorms with 20 somethings.

I picked up my phone to check the time and noticed that it said “Snoozing”.  It took about .2 seconds for me to realize what happened.   I had set an alarm the day before so that we could catch our early morning bus to make it to the boat that took us out there.  I had never turned that alarm off.   We left very early that morning and I forgot to take my phone.  For the last 50 minutes my phone had been going off and because it was password protected no one could fully turn the alarm off and it continued to go off every 10 minutes until it was snoozed again.   I was the reason every single person in our dorm was now wide away….  I will hold that guilt for the rest of my life.  I sincerely apologize.

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out on the beach.  Ashley would read and I was excited to use the new snorkel gear we had just picked up in Hong Kong.  One of the best parts about the Yasawa Islands is that the snorkeling is amazing.   Just off the beach at Blue Lagoon there is a very large reef with thousands of fish.  I spent the rest of the afternoon with my go pro stick in hand chasing fish and loving every second of it.

IMG_4136 (Large)

Friends around the world

Despite my unforgivable alarm blunder, we actually manged to become friends with a few of the people in our dorm.  By the end of our stay we would eat dinner each night with them and exchange stories.  On the final day we took a group photo together.  From left to right it was Nikki, Sarah, Liz, and then Chris.

Nikki was an American who had been living in Australia for a while.   When we first started talking to her that accent was really throwing us off.  She had been in Australia long enough that she seemed to have an Australian accent but it wasn’t right.   Once we finally figured it out it all made sense.  Nikki was awesome and gave us a lot of tips for our time in Australia that was coming up next!

Sarah was next…but we’re going to get back to her….

Liz and Chris were from the UK and they were amazing.  They had about 6 months of time off and they were spending their time in Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia.   We had a lot of great conversations with them and I really hope we’ll get an opportunity to meet up with them again in the northern part of the UK when we’re up that way.   They were both so easy to talk with and it seemed like we’d been friends much longer than just a few days.

IMG_4270 (Large)IMG_4265 (Large)

Sarah – The German who went to Texas

Sarah is German and we met her because she was in the same dorm as us.   Sarah is 22 now but we quickly discovered that she had done a study abroad in America.   When Sarah did her study abroad, she had the option of picking the United States and she could also select which city she went to.   Most people choose the obvious options like LA, New York, Chicago, etc.   Sarah decided to go pot luck and let the system decide where she would end up.

Sarah ended up getting placed in Houston, Texas.   Sarah was placed with a very unique family in Texas.   As we talked to Sarah about her experience over the next few days it quickly became apparent that she ended up in a really weird family.     Since this was her telling us little mini-stories about her experience I am going to bullet point these below.     Dad worked for a school system teaching high school kids in a “rough” part of Houston.  Mom worked for United Airlines.  Yep, United Airlines.  You can see where this is headed already.

  • Sarah’s family routinely did not have enough money to pay the bills.  In addition, they often forgot to pay the bills.  During her stay with the family the water and electricity were shut off on three separate occasions.
  • The mom, who worked for United, did not like working (shocker).   Instead, she spent nearly every day on her phone playing Candy Crush.   She played so frequently that the she rarely had time to look after her two kids and Sarah would be semi-taking care of them from time to time.
  • There were numerous occasions when the family would run out of money.  When this happened they would go to Taco Bell at the beginning of the week.  They would then buy enough taco’s at taco bell to last for the entire week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).   They would then put all the taco’s in the fridge and whenever you were hungry there was really just one option.   They made specific mention of the fact that they purchased the extra cheese and that was special.
  • On one occasion, Sarah came out of her room to find that the little boy had pooped on the carpet outside her door.  The boy had subsequently either stepped in it or stood on it and then smeared the poop all over the carpet upstairs creating a huge mess.   Sarah went downstairs to let the mom know that there was a mess upstairs.  The mom was playing candy crush and replied “oh yeah, I saw that this morning, I’ll take care of it later”.   Sarah left for the day and came home later that night and it had still not been picked up….
  • Sarah was doing this study abroad in high school.   She would routinely over sleep her alarm, as teenagers do, and then wake up and realize she was a couple hours late to school.   She asked the family why they let her sleep in and they said, “oh you seemed tired so we let you sleep in”.   She would frequently just not go to school at all because the parents didn’t really care if she went or not.
  • Sarah had wanted to go to the school where the dad worked to see what that one was like for a while.  The dad had been reluctant because it was a rough school.  He finally let her go one time and she said, “All the boys there were so nice to me”.   The dad didn’t let her go back.
  • Sarah one time needed to get home but didn’t get picked up.  She decided to walk home on the highway.
  • The mom took one time took Sarah to an “adult” party with some of her girlfriends.  Then had Sarah buy an outfit and had her try it on at home.
  • Sarah had a couple friends at school.   She would go to their house and their parents would always cook her food or buy her something and ask her if she was ok or needed help.  Sarah’s friends would also tell her that what was happening at that house was not normal.
  • Sarah was watching TV one time and was sure she recognized a house on the news.  Turns out it was a murder that happened just a few doors down from where she was staying.
  • At the end of this trip the parents gave her their family dog as a parting gift.

This is just the summarized version of the things I can remember to the best of my recollection.  It may not be too interesting to anyone else but hearing the stories about her experience in Texas was amazing.   Sarah was an awesome person and we told her that if she’s ever back in Texas to let us know and we’ll show her what it’s really like!

Back on track…

After our first couple nights at Blue Lagoon we were already in love.  The resort was amazing and we still had 2 more days to go!

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