Killing a day in Hervey Bay

When we left Airlie beach we got back on our Greyhound bus.  We had a long way to go so we picked a late 8 PM departure and did an overnight bus down to Hervey Bay.   We arrived around 8 a.m. and the hostel had a free pick up who arrived shortly after we did.   We got checked into the hostel and he showed us to our room.  This hostel was actually an apartment that had 3 rooms in it and all 3 rooms shared the common area.   The room was pretty basic and the apartment was pretty run down.

The reason we had come to Hervey bay was really to get to Fraser Island.   Everyone we talked to said you need to hit Fraser island.   To get to Fraser island you need to spend a night in Hervey bay.  There’s really nothing special about Hervey bay.  Just a small town that happens to be the jumping off point to get to Fraser island.   The nice thing about our hostel is that they had a free bike rental.   Sweet! Ashley and I grabbed the bikes and we were off.

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DSC00413 (Large)(Seriously?!?  Windows Vista even laughed at this setup)

DSC00310 (Large)

Once we had our bikes we made our way down to the shore line.  We found a nice bike/walking path that took you all the way down the coastline adjacent to the city.   We were snapping photos as we went and enjoyed checking on the city on the bikes.   At the end of the bike path it came to a busy street with a little market.  Opposite the market was the longest pier I have ever seen.    We hopped off our bikes and decided to make our way down the pier.    We then checked out the local market which was pretty small but interesting.    We stopped nearby and grabbed a quick bike to eat and then made our way back towards the hostel and called it a day!

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