Lord of the Rings tour and an Ice Bar

We were already having a really exciting time in Queenstown but we still had plenty to do!  My sister had booked a Lord of the Rings tour for us and we were picked up promptly in the morning by our tour guide.  It was just the 5 of us on the tour which was really nice.  We jumped in the land cruiser and we were on our way!

We made a lot of different stops on the way for this tour.  Each one had some small significance or reference to the Lord of the Rings movies.  We had a few in our group (I won’t name names here) who had not seen Lord of the Rings at all yet.  Regardless it was a really great way to just get out and see more of New Zealand.  Our guide was really good and he adjusted the tour a little bit to focus as much on New Zealand as he did on Lord of the Rings.    We made our way through some higher mountain roads with certain death just a foot or two away, through streams, and over some pretty rough terrain.  He took us to a number of great spots to look out and really see what New Zealand had to offer!

Towards the end of the tour we came to the spot where they filmed a pretty recognizable scene from the movie.  You can see my sister and mom doing the pose, although I think they might just have questions…

DSC03268 (Large) DSC03264 (Large) DSC03262 (Large) DSC03243 (Large) DSC03397 (Large) DSC03393 (Large) DSC03379 (Large) DSC03378 (Large) DSC03377 (Large) DSC03373 (Large) DSC03371 (Large) DSC03347 (Large) DSC03344 (Large) DSC03336 (Large) DSC03325 (Large) DSC03324 (Large) DSC03323 (Large) DSC03322 (Large) DSC03314 (Large) DSC03277 (Large) DSC03285 (Large) DSC03275 (Large) DSC03412 (Large) DSC03424 (Large) DSC03428 (Large) DSC03430 (Large)TheArgonath

After our fun day doing the Lord of the Rings tour, we ended up making our way down to town to visit the Ice bar.  My step-sister Tiffany was super awesome and got us gift certificates for Christmas to an Ice Bar in Queenstown.  Thank you Tiffany!!!!  My mom and Mike also joined us for this one and we were given our jackets, gloves, and boots for the frigid cold we were about to endure.  When we were checking out my mom noticed they had some russian looking hats which she quickly picked up for our group.   With our gear on and stylish hats we were ready to battle the cold!   We made our way inside and enjoyed a couple drinks while we snapped some pics!

Later that evening we made it out to snap a few photos after dinner.  One of the crazy things about Queenstown is that it didn’t get dark there until after 10:00 PM each night.  You could still see some light in the sky until almost 11:00 PM.

IMG_6739 (Large) IMG_6735 (Large) IMG_6732 (Large) DSC03443 (Large) DSC03447 (Large) DSC03457 (Large) DSC03461 (Large) DSC03482 (Large) DSC03454 (Large) DSC03455 (Large) DSC03493 (Large) DSC03501 (Large) DSC03507 (Large) DSC03513 (Large) DSC03517 (Large) DSC03524 (Large)



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