One rainy day in Christchurch

With my family now gone Ashley and I were now on our own.  We set off in our rental car to tour New Zealand and we had A LOT of stops planned for the trip.   There were so many interesting things we could do in New Zealand we felt 30 days was going to be pushing it.  We ended up stopping in most places from 1 to 4 days.   With my family gone we made our first pit stop in Christchurch.   We had pretty low expectations going in as we’d heard from a few people it wasn’t the most interesting place.

We spent our first night in the hostel and woke up early to get out and explore.  Unfortunately it turned out to be a rainy day.  We made our way over to a local market type area that had some interesting art and a few food vendors around.  We ended up getting some hot dogs from a stand that turned out to be excellent!   There wasn’t a ton going on in this area but it was interesting to walk around for a bit.

DSC03729 (Large) DSC03730 (Large) DSC03728 (Large) DSC03735 (Large) DSC03737 (Large)

After our pit stop for lunch it was raining even harder.  One of the top rated things to do was a museum which was free.   Free is good!! We decided to head that way and check it out.  We’re not big museum people but we actually really enjoyed this one.  We ended up spending a couple hours walking around checking it all out!   After the museum it was still raining out so we decided to go on a shopping trip.  We had only packed warm weather clothes for the trip and New Zealand was pretty cool (if not cold) compared to everywhere else.  We knew we would be doing a lot more outdoor activities so we decided we needed some layers/new clothes.   Ashley and I both found North Face hoodies which we instantly fell in love with!!   We had only 1 full day in Christchurch but we made the most of it and we were ready to battle the cooler weather for the rest of our time in New Zealand! DSC03740 (Large) DSC03743 (Large) DSC03746 (Large) DSC03752 (Large) DSC03753 (Large) DSC03754 (Large) DSC03760 (Large) DSC03763 (Large) DSC03774 (Large) DSC03783 (Large) DSC03785 (Large) DSC03787 (Large)IMG_7121


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