Our final day in Melbourne/Australia

We spent our final day in Melbourne and Australia on a walking tour.  The walking tour was free but they highly recommend tipping at the end.  Our tour guide turned out to be really good and gave us a lot of cool facts on Australia/Melbourne.  I don’t really remember any of those though. During the day he took us around a lot of different parts of Melbourne to check it out.  We ended up going back through the graffiti street that we came across before and ended near the river that goes right through the middle of town.

After our tour we decided to check out Chuckle Park which was located just 2 blocks from our apartment.   Our friends Nick and Betsy had recommended it to us and we were excited to try it out.  We ordered a “jug” of their most popular drink and it was huge!  Unfortunately when we tried to order food they were already sold out for the night so we didn’t get to eat there.  We found a different place to try though and it all worked out perfectly for our last night in Australia.   We were sad to be leaving but also very excited to head to New Zealand!

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