Rain and sunshine in Sydney

On our second day in Sydney we walked outside and it was extremely overcast.  We checked the weather and it looked like rain was in the forecast all day.   We had seen a zoo down by the marina the day before so we decided to head that direction.   This particular zoo is nearly 100% indoors and it turns out that we weren’t the only people with the same plan.    We picked up our tickets but had to wait for 2 hours before our time slot opened up.

I had seen a maritime museum just across the harbor the day before.   We decided to head that direction and check it out and see if it was a cheap.   We get there and find out that you can check out the majority of the museum for no cost at all.  Score!   We get our hand stamp and make our way through the exhibits.   The pictures don’t do it any justice but it was actually a pretty large place and it was interesting to read about different things they had on display.

DSC00924 (Large) DSC00925 (Large) DSC00926 (Large) DSC00927 (Large) DSC00932 (Large) DSC00935 (Large) DSC00943 (Large) DSC00945 (Large) DSC00949 (Large)

It was finally time for Ashley and I to make our way over to the zoo.  We made our way through the entrance and kept an eye out for any Koala’s or Kangaroos.  The zoo was not huge due to the fact it was mostly indoors, but it did have a decent number of exhibits.  Along the way we did manage to see some Koala’s as well as a couple Kangaroos as well.   They also had a massive alligator as well.   We had fun checking out the zoo and making the best of our 2nd rainy day in Sydney!

DSC00950 (Large) DSC00953 (Large) DSC00954 (Large) DSC00956 (Large) DSC00961 (Large) DSC00976 (Large) DSC00973 (Large) DSC00982 (Large) DSC00993 (Large) DSC00999 (Large) DSC01018 (Large) DSC01022 (Large) DSC01025 (Large) DSC01037 (Large) DSC01041 (Large) DSC01063 (Large) DSC01065 (Large) DSC01070 (Large) DSC01092 (Large) DSC01071 (Large) DSC01100 (Large) DSC01104 (Large) DSC01101 (Large) DSC01081 (Large) DSC01080 (Large)

On our 3rd day in Sydney we decided to go on a walk along the coast.  Ashley had read about this walk online and everyone said it was amazing.  To get there we had to hop on the local bus.  We got the local metro card and hopped on a bus which gave us a nice city tour on our way there.   Upon arriving we grabbed some lunch at the first little town you start in and then made our way up the coast.

The walk up the coast was awesome just as the reviews had mentioned.   The walk lasted a few hours an involved walking from one cove to the next.   Along the way there were so many beaches we lost track!  Most of them looked pretty nice as well.   I also spotted a guy pulling his Ferrari into the garage so I hustled over for a closer look.  Turns out he had an Aventador as well so basically he has 2/3 of my dream cars.  His license plates are 0001 and 0002.  Well done sir.

After the walk was complete we made our way into the largest beach on the walk.  It was jam packed with people and there was a nice shopping area nearby.  We stopped for some frozen yogurt which was perfect after our long walk and then made our way back onto the bus.

DSC01141 (Large) DSC01152 (Large) DSC01156 (Large) DSC01162 (Large) DSC01178 (Large) DSC01186 (Large) DSC01205 (Large) DSC01227 (Large) DSC01236 (Large) DSC01237 (Large) DSC01247 (Large) DSC01249 (Large) DSC01251 (Large) DSC01252 (Large) DSC01262 (Large) DSC01271 (Large) DSC01272 (Large) DSC01275 (Large) DSC01280 (Large) DSC01281 (Large) DSC01286 (Large) DSC01287 (Large) DSC01293 (Large) DSC01297 (Large) DSC01305 (Large) DSC01306 (Large) DSC01315 (Large) DSC01316 (Large) DSC01319 (Large) DSC01331 (Large) DSC01339 (Large) DSC01347 (Large) DSC01351 (Large) DSC01352 (Large) DSC01357 (Large) DSC01358 (Large)

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