RTW Travel Stats

statisticsBelow is a table keeping track of some stats from our trip.   We’ll be updating this as we go and adding to it!

Travel StatsLast Update: 10/31/2015
Days on Trip65
Countries Visited5
Cities Visited10
Miles Traveled14,246.8
Subway/Metro Rides80
Total Places Stayed12
Activities and Entertainment:
Theme Parks Visited2
Shows Attended1
Photo/Video Taken8,975
Storage Used154.45 GB
Items Lost:
Wash Cloth (Eric)
Shampoo (Eric)
Items lost and recovered:
Fitbit Charger (Eric)
Camera Case + Battery (Eric)
Items Broken:
Toilet Seat (Eric)
Glass Phone Cover (Ashley)
Overall Spending:
Total Airfare/Train - ($10,000 budget)$7,585.34
Average Daily Cost - ($175/day budget)$151.48 (-$9 from 9/13)
Cell Phone Prepaid Sim Cards$214.77
Credit Card Cash Back$861.77
Most Expensive Day$404.78
Least Expensive Day$16.88
Most Expensive Accommodation$95.46/Night
Least Expensive Accommodation$23.60/Night - Disregarding $0/night friend stay (ty Kris)
Average Cost of Accommodation$63.72/Night
Most Expensive Meal$241.69 (Kobe Steak)
Least Expensive Meal$7.84
Country Specific Spending
Total Days27
Total Spent $4,464.84
Daily Average$165.36
South Korea
Total Days10
Total Spent$926.48
Daily Average$92.64
Total Days19
Total Spent$2,370.38
Daily Average$124.75
Hong Kong
Total Days10
Total Spent$2,085.03
Daily Average$208.50

A few things to note:

Airfare/Train Cost – We are budgeting airfare, trains, and general transportation from one destination to the next in a separate budget from our daily budget.   We’ve over spent here but we’ve also prepaid a lot of air travel in advance so it should even out over time.   We are also taking a detour to Costa Rica for Merritt and Katherine’s wedding.  That’s included in the cost here but wasn’t included in our original 10K budget assumption.

Daily Budget – Right now we are in good shape but we are about to head to Fiji/NZ/Australia which will be some of the most expensive destinations on our entire trip.

South Korea –  South Korea was cheap for us almost entirely because we stayed at a friends house for 8 total nights at no cost.  This was a massive savings for us!   Thank you Kris and Melissa Johnson, I owe you and your family for the hospitality!


  1. Coming soon, probably tomorrow!! Takes a bit to update this page.

  2. Updated stats? Having so much fun following you all around the world!

  3. ohhh this is fun! i love seeing these stats. Eric, you better hope Ashley catches up in the number of lost items category or you’ll never live this down.

  4. The lost items crack me up!

  5. Eric, why are you loosing things? lol!

    • Apparently when you are in a hostel with a shared bathroom and leave your stuff in there it gets taken each day. Lesson learned! I lost my fitbit charger before we even left Dallas…

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