Shotover Jet Boat Tour – More fun with the fam!

After our exciting day going on a helicopter tour we immediately followed it up with another fun activity.  The next day we had booked a jet boat tour for all of us.  The jet boat tour was pretty highly rated and it looked like a blast from the videos we had seen on youtube.  We went with the shotover jet boat tour company as they seemed to be the best rated.

When we arrived we quickly checked in and then had some time to kill before our ride was ready.  We snapped a few photos of people whizzing up and down the river.   As we watched we noticed how close the boats were getting to the shallow areas.

Once we got on board our boat we quickly took off down a large corridor of rocks.  The jet boat was hauling by the rocks and the driver had us literally inches from the sides of the walls when there was more than enough space to drive in the middle of the river.  It seemed unnecessarily risky but it sure was a lot of fun and added to the excitement!

For the next couple miles our boat driver had us flying over super shallow water and around corners at really high speeds.  At certain points we would be banking almost 90 degrees with the front of the boat inches from shore and in only 6 inches of water.  It seemed like any wrong turn by the driver could end in catastrophe.  In addition the boat driver would give us a signal to indicate we were about to do a 360 in the water.

Once we made our way down the river we got to an area where we had to stop for a little bit.  The river is so narrow and there are so many blind corners the company sends a few boats down, then they all go back up river so it’s basically a 1 way river due to how narrow it is and how crazy they drive.   While waiting the driver asked if we had any question.  I asked him how much one of these bad boys costs and he said about $500,000.  It’s powered by TWO 600 HP engines which is why they are able to fly down the river so quickly.

By the time the tour was over we were all smiling and laughing about what a great time it was.   Ashley and I ended up picking up a poster from the place which was only our 3rd souvenir type purchase on the entire trip so far.   Later that evening we picked up some steaks and had another amazing dinner with the family out on the deck!


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