The Sushi Train

We were looking for something to do and found an area online that had a replica of the Statue of Liberty and a Gundam statue.     We took a 30 minute train which cost about $5 for 2 people each way.    Upon arriving we realized the area was mainly just a large mall with the 2 statue’s out front.

Our first Sushi Train

While we made our way through the mall we saw a Sushi Train restaurant.  The line was long but I was excited to try it out so we waited to get in.  Once seated there are attendants that get your drinks and bring you the bill at the end.   The price you pay is based on the cost of all the plates you end up with on your table.   You just pick up the items as they come by and keep a collection of plates going.

You can also order off a menu which we tried.  When you order off the menu the attendant puts in your order.  After a couple minutes a train comes rushing down the middle of all the tables that delivers your order exactly to your seat.   You then hit a red button to send it back.  I know they have things like this in the United States but neither of us had tried it so it was a new experience for us!

After the Sushi we headed outside to check out the statue of liberty.   The photo’s online make the thing look huge.  The reality is that it’s actually pretty small!  The Gundam statue on the other hand was pretty huge!

Bic Camera – The Amazon Store

Bic Camera is one of the coolest stores I’ve ever been to.  So cool I had to write about it on our blog.  This is a mix between best buy, target, lowes, REI, and a liquor store, and I absolutely love it.

They sell almost anything you can imagine at this store.  We had a hard time locating sim cards after we left the airport (Sorry Ashley I should have listened to you), but we found them at Bic Camera.   They even have drones at Bic Camera!  America, we need to make this happen.

What cannot be explained is the extreme number of clocks they sell at this store.  Seriously do people still have clocks in their house?  This is an honest question as I haven’t noticed one in years.  At Bic Camera they have a whole section of the store devoted to clocks.  Apparently there is still some demand out there.

To give you an idea of the size of this store, the image that shows all the items available is for ONE floor.  This is a 7 story building. Yup.


  1. We need a store like that here! Although I would probably never get my husband to leave to once we were there! Haha Oh and I’m sure that sushi train was way better then anything here. I hear the one in Tulsa isn’t great….

    • Yeah for being a Sushi place in the mall is was actually very good. Pretty much all the sushi we have had in Japan has been amazing regardless of where you buy it.

  2. Eric, you have done a great job with the website for this. It’s easy to view and well organized! Great job!! I’m glad you all are truly enjoying the experience of a lifetime. Be safe and have a great time!

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