We made it to Sydney!

When we started in Australia we decided to work our way from North to South.  Along the way we were in pretty small cities the whole time with the exception of Surfers Paradise.   We arrived early in the morning after our final overnight Grey Hound bus from Byron Bay.  We were tried from crappy sleep on a bus but excited to be back in a bigger city which we seem to prefer.   Our hostel was about a 15 minute walk from the station.

Our hostel was located right in the middle of Sydney in a great location.  We were central to everything and we could walk anywhere.  The hostel, called wake up Sydney, was rated extremely well so we had high hopes and we weren’t disappointed.  This hostel was run more like a hotel but they did have a large bar in the basement and some activities planned for people as well.   We got checked in and dropped our bags in the room.   It was basic but the price was right and the location couldn’t be beat.

DSC00898 (Large)DSC00901 (Large)DSC00902 (Large)

After we were checked in we decided to take a walk and check out the city.  There was a marina type area nearby and we had no clue where to go so we went that direction.   Along the way we ran into a very old building that was set up as a shopping center.  We decided to take a walk through it and it was really cool on the inside.

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After we hit the shopping center we gradually made our way down to the marina area.   As soon as we got there two things stood out.  Everything was extremely modern and there was a ton of construction.  Cranes were everywhere and you could tell that the area was thriving economically.  We’d heard from people that home prices in Sydney were insanely high and it was obvious they were scrambling to build more.   We spent a few hours just walking around the marina checking everything out.   We noted a zoo which seemed like a very odd place to have a zoo but decided we’d come back and check it out later.  Up to this point we had not yet seen a Kangaroo!  Where are those guys? They’re supposed to be everywhere!

DSC00895 (Large) DSC00894 (Large) DSC00848 (Large) DSC00850 (Large) DSC00852 (Large) DSC00855 (Large) DSC00863 (Large) DSC00867 (Large) DSC00876 (Large) DSC00885 (Large) DSC00889 (Large) DSC00891 (Large)

We were back in our hostel for a little bit and decided to go grab some drinks and dinner.  We found a place called Keg & Brew.  Perfect!   When we arrived the place was packed but we managed to snag a couple seats at the bar.   We noticed there was a special for a pulled pork sandwich.  Ashley and I both decided to go for that and we were both shocked.  This turned out to be one of the best pulled pork sandwiches either of us had ever had.   Keep in mind this is mainly a bar so we were expecting mediocre bar food at best but the pulled pork sandwich was simply amazing.  So amazing that we ended up going back a couple nights later and getting the exact same thing again!   On top of that, they had a nice selection of beer and it was pretty decent as well!   Our first day in Sydney was a success and we were excited for the next few days.

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  2. Hi Eric,

    Thank you for posting this wonderful experience in Sydney. Can’t wait to try it too. Please keep on posting because I’ll be checking your website soon.

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