Photo Tour of Tokyo Japan

Take a photo tour of Tokyo Japan with us!  Below is a selection of some of photo’s that remind us the most of Tokyo.

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Oak Hostel Zen in Tokyo Japan

We only stayed in one Hostel in Tokyo and we really enjoyed it.  At Oak Hostel Zen, the rooms were great and everything was extremely clean.  We were very happy with the location and it was closed to train stations which was nice.

Photo’s from Around Town in Tokyo Japan

Arcades in Tokyo Japan

Japan has some of the best arcades I’ve seen!  The games are very unique compared to what we see in the United States.

Food in Tokyo Japan

We have actually been very surprised at how good the food in Tokyo Japan is!  The sushi here is excellent and very cheap.  We both feel that the Calamari is the best in the world.  We’ll see if that changes as we continue our trip.   Over the price of food has been very cheap too which has helped us stay on budget.  Most meals are under $25 for 2 and eating for $10-$15 for two people can be done relatively easily.

Robot Restaurant Photos

The Robot Restaurant was a very unique experience.  We had no idea what we were signing up for but it turned out to be awesome.  It was a very visually overwhelming show and even the place you wait to get in was interesting.   We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this show to anyone!


  1. Are you having any flooding issues? I’ve seen on the news that North of Tokyo was hit pretty hard. I hope you are safe and dry.

    • We have actually moved on south to Osaka (we are behind on the blog trying to play catch up). We’ve seen a LOT of rain since we’ve been here but all sprinkles and none of that bad weather.

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