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Destinations in Asia

Final Thoughts on Hong Kong

A car lovers dream If you have any appreciation for cars you would love going to Hong Kong.  When you first import a car into Hong Kong you have to pay a “first registration tax” of 40% of the cars value up to 150K.  Above 150K it jumps to 75%+.   …

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Halloween in Hong Kong

Anyone who knows Ashley knows that she absolutely LOVES Halloween.   For Halloween we didn’t have costumes due to our limited budget and her husbands lack of enthusiasm for playing dress up, but we did want to get out and do something for Halloween none the less.   We decided to check …

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Hiking in Hong Kong

After being in Hong Kong for a few days it was very apparent that Hong Kong was completely different than China.   Each day we would venture out and check out the area and we always enjoyed it.   Being in Hong Kong felt like being in an Asian version of New …

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Arriving in Hong Kong

Our next stop after China was Hong Kong and we were both ready for a change of pace.  The group of Apple employees in Shanghai told us that Hong Kong was “very different” from China.   We didn’t know exactly what that meant but different had to be a good thing. …

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Goodbye Shanghai

We had been in Shanghai for 4 or 5 days and had a few more left before moving onto Hong Kong.  We decided to get out of the hostel and head over to a market area.  It took a few stops on the subway but we made our way there …

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Shanghai China

We arrived early in the morning from Xi’an on the overnight train.   We needed to hop on the subway from the train station to make our way to the hostel.  All throughout China we found the subway system extremely easy to navigate.  We made our way to the correct stop …

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Our first day in Xi’an China

Ashley and I both wanted to get out of the standard China destinations (Beijing/Shanghai) but we didn’t know where to go.  After some research Ashley found Xi’an China where you can go see the Terracotta Warriors.  It seemed like a good fit because we could take an overnight train there, …

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Our final days in Beijing

The 798 Art Zone We had hit most of the highlights in Beijing and we wanted to find something a little different.  Ashely found an art district to check out so we decided to head that way.  We weren’t really sure what we were getting into because we’re not really …

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