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Back to the main island!

Our time in the Yasawa Islands was drawing to an end and it was time for us to head back to the main island.  We hopped back on the transfer boat from Manta Ray and made our back to Viti Levu (the main island).   The transfer boat arrived a little …

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Manta Ray Bay Resort

After we were spoiled at the Blue Lagoon we were on our way to Manta Ray resort.  Fortunately we had already talked to people at Blue Lagoon who had been to Manta Ray so we knew it wasn’t going to be the same experience here or anywhere else in Fiji.   …

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A couple more days in Blue Lagoon

We were already in love with Blue Lagoon after our first couple nights.  The atmosphere was extremely relaxed and the people were so nice that we instantly felt at home.  That said, we had an action packed couple days to go with various activities and things to do.  The nice …

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BULA!!! Welcome to Fiji

As Ashley and I wrapped up our time in Hong Kong we were a bit exhausted.   We loved Hong Kong and due to our extremely small room we were out of the there as much as possible exploring the city.    On top of being exhausted from Hong Kong we were …

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