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Our last few days in Japan

During our last few days in Japan we were hoping quickly between Airbnb’s.  We ended up staying in 3 Airbnb’s in just 3 nights trying to find the cheapest possible accommodation.  We were apparently there during one of the holiday’s so there was an influx of local travelers.  Prices surged …

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Universal Studios and Kobe Japan

Harry Potter at Universal Studios and Kobe Japan We recently settled into our second AirBNB in Osaka but forgot to take photos!  After getting settled in and taking a couple days to catch up on things we decided to go to Universal Studio’s Japan. Ashley was very excited because this …

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Osaka aquarium and Dotonbori

Our first day in Osaka Japan The first day after we arrived in Japan we took a little walk around the area.  It was obvious immediately that this was a much different city than Tokyo.   Even though it’s just 2 hours away the people in Osaka dressed and acted much …

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