Ladies RTW Trip Packing List

Well folks you’ve all asked for it and about it. Almost everyone I’ve talked to wants to know what I am packing for our RTW (Round the World) trip.

I have no idea if what I am taking is correct but here goes

In my main bag we have…


BB Everything

BB Shirts BB Shorts BB Underware BB Pants BB Misc ClothesBB Rain JacketBB MakeupBB HairBB Cubes Packed

In my Backpack

BP EverythingBP Small

BP Cords BP Backed

I haven’t taken pictures of what is in my purse yet but hopefully I’ll get on that soon.




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  2. And the Go Girl made it too. And to think, Steph and I thought that was going to be a joke. Lol!

  3. I see you got your tieks!

  4. Those pics look sooooo good!! Glad you’re having fun! Miss y’all!

  5. You’re so organized! Interested to hear how long you keep that up (well, at least keep it up so perfectly) 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about your next destination!

    • Thanks Mallory! We are only a few days into the trip but so far so good on keeping up with all my stuff, I think these packing cubes are going to be a great way to stay organized.

  6. This is awesome! Thought and planned for sure!!! Can’t wait to see more pics of the placing you’ll be going, seeing, and staying!!!!

    • It was a thought out process planning for this trip, that’s for sure! So far I feel like I have everything I need which is a great feeling with everything that is ahead of us.

  7. The first of 10,000 steps.

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