Tracking our Trip with GPS

If you’re a bit of a nerd like me, you might enjoy seeing the data from our trip.  I’m using a Qstarz Q1000XT GPS logger to keep track of where we’ve been.  The GPS logger lasts for at least 1 full day and captures a data point on your location every 5 seconds.   It’s about the size of zippo lighter so it’s easy to carry around.   You can then export the data and view it on google maps.   To me this is a pretty cool way to keep track of everywhere you’ve been on a trip.

The accuracy on this unit can be a little off from time to time.   In certain locations it looks like we are walking on water or it records a data point a long way from where we are.   This is probably the biggest draw back of this unit.

To see our exact route just click this link.  I’ll update this periodically to show everywhere we’ve been.

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