The Winegar’s have Luggage

Houston, We Have Backpacks. 

Can you imagine living out of a backpack for any length of time? Well, we are attempting to live out of ours for a year.

What kind of bag is right for us? What size, shape brand and price range is right? There are SO many options.

After a impromptu trip to REI over Easter when Eric’s parents were in town Eric found something we didn’t even know existed. A backpack that also has wheels and can be pulled like regular luggage.

Osprey Meridian Wheeled Convertible Luggage – 22″

For him is was love at first sight. Eric looked over the bag for like 20 min and just loved every feature. Along with the before mentioned convertible wheel/backpack feature the bag also has a daypack that attaches to the main bag. With all that said REI was having a 20% off sale so fate seemed to make the decision for us.

Moving on to me and what kind of bag I wanted. Well I really was pretty impressed with Eric’s find and a little jealous but I was afraid it was a little to big for me at 60L so I was still searching store websites and travel blogs for a bag that would work for me. Eric found it first, it’s the same brand but a different series of Osprey and has those same great features as Eric’s bag but smaller and lighter, score! I also managed to get 20% off.

Osprey Ozone Convertible 22″

Wish us luck while we test these babies out to see if they will be the bags we use. 



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